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G&G provides personalized training for individuals or small groups.  The classes are fun and non-threatening, yet you will learn life saving techniques.

Safety First

Safety classes are provided first before any live fire training.  All training is conducted at Ben Avery Shooting Facility.



Philip Coppola



Bob Itri


480 816-4042

Philip Coppola Instructor

NRA Certification #190424275

DPS Certification


In addition to being an instructor Philip is also a Range Safety Officer, holds a CCW, and is a member of the MCSO Special Forces posse. He is also certified by DPS to teach the Armed Security Guard course for state licensure.

Philip is a veteran of the US Army where he served from 1971 to 1976 in the Army Security Agency.  

He has significant formal training and continues to train every week.



Bob Itri Co-Instructor


Bob comes from a family of shooters.  He has a knack for consistency and a fundamental drive to constantly improve.  

Bob is a CCW holder and provides range safety assistance while on the firing line.

Bob has attended numerous training seminars and continues to train on a weekly basis.


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